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One of the most important facets of your overall health is your hearing. There are many different ways that you can harm your hearing, and people have begun to take greater measures to prevent damage to their hearing. While they have started to avoid loud noises and have stopped digging in their ears with a cotton swab, some people have tried to do more to save their hearing. That is why we are going to take a look at the different foods that you can eat in order to save your hearing.

Dark Chocolate

Aside from being delicious, there are many health benefits that are offered by indulging in some moderate amounts of dark chocolate. It contains some great antioxidants as well as a great deal of zinc. Zinc can help the middle ear recover from damage that it incurs from repeated loud noises and other acute damage.


It turns out that everyone’s parents were right after all. Not only are vegetables delicious, but they offer many health benefits when it comes to your hearing. Broccoli and cauliflower are just two of the different vegetables that are packed with vitamins and free radical reducing elements. Not only can this save you from many different types of diseases, but it can prevent major illnesses such as cancer from taking root.

Going Bananas

Another one of the best foods to eat for your hearing health are bananas. Not only do they go well with breakfast and dessert, but they have tremendous amounts of magnesium and vitamins. Magnesium has the ability to help your ear build up a resistance to the damage that occurs by everyday living. Not only is this beneficial for your short term hearing, but it will save your hearing for many years to come.

Plenty Of Fish

One of the other important foods that you can eat in order to save your hearing for later in life is fish. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids that will help your heart keep beating strong into your old age. Not only will increased heart rate result in better circulation around your body, but you will be able to have better bloodflow to the ears. This will prevent many forms of hearing loss from occurring due to a lack of available oxygen in the ears.

Citrus Fruits

Another one of the best fruits that you can eat if you are trying to protect your hearing health is citrus fruit. These fruits are full of vitamins that prevent infections from occurring in the body. The fewer infections that you are exposed to throughout your life, the better chance you have at keeping your hearing health intact.