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Audiology Services in Central Phoenix, AZ  | Call us at: (602) 265-9000 

Hearing Aids in Phoenix, Arizona

About Modern Hearing Aids & Assistive Listening Devices

Whether it’s sitting around the table talking with family, stepping outside to hear the birds, or just watching television, we can help you connect with your world and live better. For those experiencing a hearing loss, we offer quality hearing aids and assistive listening devices from leading manufacturers. From waterproof models, “Made for iPhone” technology, tinnitus programs and more – we’ve got you covered. Our experienced audiologists will recommend the best hearing aids for your lifestyle and hearing loss. Learn more about the hearing aids and ALDs we offer

Our office is located at 4004 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014.  If you have any questions, please call us at: (602) 265-9000.

We offer Hearing Tests for Babies, Children & Adults

At Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids, we offer comprehensive hearing tests for the entire family, including babies, children and adults. Our highly experienced audiologists will thoroughly test your hearing, answer all of your questions, and make a recommendation for a hearing solution if a hearing loss is detected. We invite you to contact our Central Phoenix practice today to schedule your annual hearing evaluation. Learn more about the hearing tests we offer.

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Now is the Time to Benefit from Expert Care

Our trusted audiologists are well-trained professionals licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing disorders. With their medical education, years of experience and best practices skill set, they are the most qualified to help your hearing to perform its best.

10% is given towards the education of our future musicians.

About Our Phoenix Based Audiology Practice

If you or someone you love is experiencing hearing or balance issues here in the Valley of the Sun, you’ve come to the right place. Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids (ABHA) was founded by Dr. Dana Day, a licensed Audiologist dedicated to helping Phoenicians to improve their hearing and balance. Our audiology practice, located in Central Phoenix, offers a comprehensive list of services including diagnostic hearing evaluationsspecialized audiology testing, digital hearing aids, hearing aid fitting & programming, tinnitus management and treatment for balance disorders. As an independently owned audiology clinic, we have the flexibility to offer hearing instruments from all of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, including SiemensStarkeyPhonakWidexGN ReSoundOticon and Unitron. This ensures that our patients receive the right device for their unique situation. To take charge of your hearing healthcare and schedule a consultation, please contact us here or give us a call directly at: (602) 265-9000

Call us at: (602) 265-9000 

The Importance of Treating Hearing Loss Early

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are a simple solution that is not only good for your hearing health, but also the environment.

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If you or a loved one have been experiencing signs of a hearing loss, our team is prepared to help. Scheduling at our practice is always easy and convenient. Simply contact Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids today to book an appointment with Dr. Dana Day. You will quickly discover how effectively we can solve your hearing loss and/or balance issues.  Schedule an appointment now.