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Tinnitus:  You Do Not Have to Live with it Anymore!


Tinnitus: What Is It?

Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present. While often described as a ringing, it may also sound like a clicking, hissing or roaring. The sound may be soft or loud, low pitched or high pitched and appear to be coming from the ears or in the head. Most of the time, it comes on gradually. When it comes on suddenly some people can not adapt to the tinnitus and place it in the background of their lives. It very much is at the forefront of everything they do every day and can interfere with sleep, concentration, and ability to hear clearly. It is more common in those with high levels of anxiety or depression. Our experienced audiologists are proud to offer 5-star-rated tinnitus treatment in Phoenix, AZ.

Tinnitus:  What Causes It?

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom that can result from a number of underlying causes. The most common causes are noise exposure and aging. Other causes include head trauma, concussion, sudden hearing loss, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, exposure to certain medications, or stopping some medications abruptly.

Watch CBC News video about how the new Levo System helps people with ringing in their ears:

Tinnitus: Other Factors that May Affect People with Tinnitus

Also, some people with bothersome tinnitus also have an abnormal sensitivity to sound. This is called hyperacusis. Normal, everyday sounds may cause pain for these patients which causes them to retreat only to quiet situations and avoid those places that have a fair amount to noise.

Hyperacusis can also be treated with filtered ear plugs and sound therapies over time. The treatments are designed to reset the central gain control in the brain over time leading to more normal sound sensitivity.

Tinnitus:  What Treatments Are Available?

So, the question is….is there any way to lessen or eliminate the tinnitus? The answer is a resounding….YES. Current studies of tinnitus and specialized brain imaging are providing new insights and therapies to help those with bothersome tinnitus.  

Here at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids, we look at the tinnitus patient as a whole and not just a symptom. We are able to determine the type of tinnitus, how it began, how bothersome it is, and how it is affecting each person’s life. We consider the story of each patient and their lifestyle to determine which treatment(s) would be most effective for each patient. We support and guide each patient to achieve the best tinnitus relief possible.

  1. Information and Education:  Studies have shown that learning about tinnitus, demystifying it, and using refocusing strategies, can help some overcome their tinnitus.
  2. Levo Tinnitus Sound Therapy: Researched based therapy. This therapy works on the basis of habituating (getting used to) the sound. Each patient’s tinnitus is matched in sound quality and volume and that matched sound is played through earbuds while the patient sleeps to allow the brain to recognize the sound and start to decrease it.  
  3. Sound Options Sound Therapy:  Researched based therapy. This therapy involves listening to special tracks of classical music centered on each patient’s tinnitus to target the area of the brain that is recognizing the sound. Over time, this therapy has been shown to decrease tinnitus and improve concentration.
  4. Desyncra Sound Therapy: Researched based therapy. This therapy works on the basis of disrupting the tinnitus neural signal to the brain. The patient listens to chirps in the ears 6 hours per day and over time, tinnitus decreases as the neural signal is interrupted. Only for tonal tinnitus.
  5. Hearing Aids: These are devices that bring back sound deficits to those who have hearing loss and increase neural activity. This may decrease or eliminate tinnitus for some people.


Tinnitus:  What To Do Next…

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