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Assistive Listening & Sound Amplifying Devices in Phoenix, AZ

sound amplifying devices in phoenix azArizona Balance and Hearing Aids Helps You Enjoy the Sounds of the World

At Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids, we know the impact that hearing loss can have on your daily life. Even simple activities like watching television or talking on the phone can become troublesome and frustrating. That’s why our goal is to provide you with high-quality hearing loss treatment that will help you reconnect with the sounds around you and make daily life enjoyable again.

To help us achieve our goal, we offer various Assistive Listening Devices, including sound amplifying devices, in Phoenix, AZ.

What’s an Assistive Listening Device (ALD)?

An ALD is a kind of device that helps you hear more clearly in conversations, groups, theaters, and similar environments. There are several types of state-of-the-art ALDs available today, with some assisting on a personal level and others being useful in public venues. ALDs can be used with and without hearing aids and, in some cases, they can even be used instead of hearing aids!

We carry the following advanced ALDs for you:

  • Devices for hearing television and music (TV-Ears)
  • Specialized alarm clocks and systems
  • Personal FM systems
  • Many other special purpose products for people with or without hearing impairment
  • Amplified phones and ringers

You can generally organize ALDs into Listening Systems and Visual Systems like the below:

Personal Amplifier

A Personal Amplifier consists of a microphone, a listening unit, and a volume control. Personal amplifiers are useful in cutting out background noise when speaking with someone in close proximity and may be the first step for people with a mild hearing loss before investing in a hearing aid.

Listening Systems

Listening Systems use a variety of methods to amplify sounds through a transmitter that sends a signal to you, and a receiver that decodes the signal. These devices are helpful in both large groups of people or for personal use.

FM Systems

FM Systems use radio broadcast technology to transmit sound from a source — like a human speaker, TV, radio, or iPod — to a set of headphones, a small loudspeaker, or your existing hearing aids. FM Systems are helpful in noisy environments, or where the original sound source is some distance away.

Induction Loop Systems (Hearing Loops)

Induction Loop Systems use a permanently installed wire (hidden inside the floor or under a carpet) that connects to the microphone used by the speaker and heard through existing hearing aids or headphones. You mostly find these in large group areas like theaters and auditoriums.

Infrared Systems

Infrared Systems are similar to FM but transmit through infrared light instead of radio waves. Because they lack the power of FM systems, they’re often a more practical choice in smaller environments and are also less expensive. Consumer products like “TV Ears” fall into this category.

Personal Systems

Personal Systems are also FM-based but smaller, portable, and more personal. These work well in classroom and lecture settings, restaurants, nursing homes, senior centers – any situation where the speaker is at a distance.

Visual Systems

Instead of sound, these systems use sight to alert you to doorbells, fire alarms/smoke detectors, clocks, and a variety of other alarms. They often use flashing light, vibration, or both, to alert you. Like sound-based systems, these can be used by people either with or without hearing impairment and are highly recommended for people who live alone.

CaptionCall Phones

CaptionCall phones are an assistive listening device that’s free to anyone who has been certified as hard of hearing. This device transcribes your conversations in real time while you are speaking and offers many features to keep you well-connected, including:

  • Large screen – Clearly transcribed text for calls and voicemail messages
  • Easily adjustable volume settings
  • Hearing loop connection – Directly streams conversations to telecoil-equipped hearing aids
  • Visual ringer – The screen flashes when the phone rings
  • Plus many more!

Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids is a certified distributor of CaptionCall phones. For those without a landline, we can provide an X-Link that will allow you to pair your cell phone to the CaptionCall phone, via BlueTooth connectivity, at no cost. Come visit us today for a hearing test and to qualify for your complimentary CaptionCall phone.

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