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A large number of new types of hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities; maybe yours already has it. Bluetooth is most often associated with hands-free cellular phone use, but it is also commonly found in mp3 players, TVs, computers and home phones. Hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth give you brand new ways to use and manage these products, which makes them more flexible and convenient, and offering you a superior sound experience.

Nearly all hearing aids use a small, easy to use external device to control their Bluetooth features. The controls are generally worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. Whenever you wish to obtain Bluetooth signals, the controller will receive the sounds and wirelessly transmit them to your hearing aid. This allows you to hear your television, phone, or other Bluetooth-compatible device without having to turn the volume up high. You can even use Bluetooth to listen to telephone conversations in both ears, making it even easier to hear.

Bluetooth controllers are designed to be user friendly. In many cases all you will need to do is press a button that is assigned to the device you wish to listen to. Talking on a mobile phone or listening to an audio player that uses Bluetooth is just as straightforward – just push a button to activate and press it again to stop. Depending upon the particular type of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids you have, you may even be able to manage other features as well.

Hearing aids with a Bluetooth feature can help keep seniors with mobility issues safe and comfortable. Newer designs allow you to be up to 30 feet away from your phone when making a call, allowing you to get in touch with your loved ones without having to leave your seat. This functionality can be potentially lifesaving during an emergency.

Choosing to buy a hearing aid with Bluetooth capabilities allows you to enjoy a clear, crisp listening experience which is hard to achieve through any other means. This mix of clear sound and simple-to-use makes Bluetooth a terrific way to strengthen your hearing and delight in experiences that may have felt out of reach.