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Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Your iPhone can now connect directly to compatible hearing aids, delivering conversations, music, and other media directly to your ears. iPhones also offer hearing aid wearers the technology to control volumes and programs on their hearing aid through a control on the iPhone. Learn more about Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Open ear hearing aid technology

Open ear hearing aid technology restores hearing without the common uncomfortable feeling of a device in the ear canal (occlusion). Not only is this way more comfortable for you, but it typically also provides superior sound quality and a more natural experience with your aids.

Wireless communication

Wireless hearing aid technology allows new hearing aids to communicate with each other in much the same way that your two ears and your brain work together. This makes sounds seem much more natural for you and help you to quickly adjust to wearing hearing aids for the first time. For modern aids with wireless communication capabilities, this amazing communication happens automatically so that all you notice, is better hearing.


Bluetooth technology now allows you to use your cell phone togetherwith certain hearing aids. New hearing aid technology combines your cell phone with Bluetooth, so you can answer your phone and automatically hear your caller in both ears.  No longer do you have to worry about not hearing well on an important phone call, or asking someone to repeat themselves for you to understand. Bluetooth allows you to feel confident again on the phone.

Designer styles

Surprisingly enough, hearing aids have even become fashion statements! For the adventurous at heart, certain brands and models of hearing aids now offer a choice of specialty shades to match your hair color, skin color, and personal style.

Quality follow-up care

Our continuing care is always included in the price. We’ll remind you of follow-up appointments, monitor changes, and fine-tune your hearing aids as needed. We are always caring for you as a member of our ABHA family.

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