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Unitron Hearing Aids in Phoenix, AZ

Unitron: Company Overview

Founded in 1964, Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer with partners worldwide and distributors in 45 countries. Unitron is committed to making life better through innovation, and when they set out to design and develop products, they are guided by the fundamental purpose of making life better for people with hearing loss. Working with a team of scientists, Unitron tests hearing instruments on real patients first, receiving feedback from audiologists and product experts, to shape and hone their hearing instruments before releasing them to the market. Unitron partners with the National Centre for Audiology at Western University in Canada to create hearing technologies.

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About Unitron Hearing Aids

North Platform

Unitron hearing aids are equipped with the North sound processing platform, which provides clearer sound signals and sound quality to the wearer. The new SoundNav automatic program offers more precise classifications of sound environments, four of which are focused on conversation: conversation in quiet, in a small group, in a crowd, and in noise. SoundNav provides a comfortable listening experience both in noise and quiet, with a specific music feature. This program adjusts automatically and transitions smoothly across environments, for a seamless listening experience.

Moxi Hearing Aids

Moxi hearing aids are Unitron’s latest product line, powered with the North Platform. These receiver-in-canal hearing aids are durable, reliable, and discreet, with a long battery life. The Moxi comes in five different levels, with signature Unitron features: Speech Zone 2, which focuses microphones to speech from any direction; Binaural Spatial Processing, which simulates natural binaural hearing between two hearing aids to determine the direction from which a sound comes; SoundNav (mentioned above); Sound Conductor, which balances speech understanding and comfort with natural sound quality; and Automatic Adaptation Manager, which allows wearers to transition comfortably between environments.

Additional Styles and Features

Unitron offers other styles and models of hearing aids as well. The Stride is a family of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing aids, which focuses on conversation. Like the Moxi, the Stride is offered in five different power levels, with features that include Speech Zone 2, Binaural Spatial Processing, SoundNav, Sound Conductor, and Automatic Adaptation Manager, to name a few.  The Max is a behind-the-ear hearing aid geared toward people with severe to profound hearing loss, with a long battery life and maximized speech intelligibility.

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