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Click Sleeves – Ready-to-Wear Technology

Traditional completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids require a mold of your ear canal and a few weeks wait time for our aids to be constructed. For people who have just been diagnosed with a hearing loss, wouldn’t it be nice to have an aid that you could wear out of your appointment?

Signia’s latest innovation, Click Sleeves, allows for this convenience and access to a brand-new kind of listening experience. Click Sleeves are soft, silicone sleeves (three different sizes) that click into the primax CIC model. With this soft sleeve surrounding the CIC, Silk primax fits into most ear canals. This allows for first-time hearing aid wearers or people being fitted for a new pair of CIC aids to walk out of our offices with immediate access to a peerless listening experience.

For most first-time wearers, hearing loss has obstructed many of the sounds in their life. With ready-to-wear hearing technology, this immediate access demonstrates the true value of hearing aids and the benefits they bring.

Silk primax Features

Silk primax aids are CIC, and are worn deep in the ear canal, where they are practically invisible. Signia has designed Silk primax aids to be as convenient as possible, with a color-code system to ensure no confusion between aids (blue for the left ear, red for right). With the Click Sleeves, Silk is an incredibly comfortable wearing experience. In fact, wearers may not even notice that they have aids in. Signia Silk primax aids treat hearing loss ranging from moderate to severe levels, with three performance classes (3px, 5px, and 7px).

In terms of listening features, Silk primax offers all of the technological innovations in the primax family. Signia primax aids have been clinically proven to reduce listening effort, according to a series of clinical trials conducted by the University of Northern Colorado. The study concluded that two main features of Signia primax provided this experience: SpeechMaster and EchoShield.


For those with hearing loss, speech recognition is one of the greatest challenges. SpeechMaster is designed to monitor the speech noise in your environment, focus on the voices you want to hear, and reduce background noise that would otherwise disrupt your conversations. Additionally, Signia Silk relies on OneMic, a binaural microphone system, that boosts your ears’ abilities to focus on specific sounds and filter out ones you don’t want to hear.


EchoShield helps to analyze and balance the noises in your environment, especially in acoustically challenging spaces. We’ve all be in houses of worship, auditoriums, or atriums, where reverb and echoes could hinder our ability to hear sounds clearly and to converse with ease. EchoShield protects the sounds you want to hear, providing a comfortable and natural listening experience.

Signia Silk Wireless Compatibility

As a wireless CIC hearing aid, Signia Silk primax offers many options to control and adjust the listening experience. Audio streaming is facilitated by easyTek, a light-weight audio streamer and remote control option that is worn around the neck. easyTek allows wearers to connect with ease through any Bluetooth-enabled device. With connection to one’s smartphone, wearers may stream phone calls, music, and other media directly from their devices to their Silk hearing aids. The easyTek streaming device is easy to use, with a single multi-function button that adjusts and controls hearing aid program features, volume, and other audio sources.


Signia Silk may connect to your smartphones through the touchControl app as well. With Spatial Configurator, Silk wearers may control the focus of sounds in their environment by adjusting directional microphones.


Signia offers a line of accessories that is compatible with easyTek, such as the TV Transmitter and the VoiceLink. The TV Transmitter is convenient for use in home entertainment systems, streaming audio from your favorite TV shows and movies directly to your Silk aids. VoiceLink is recommended for use in challenging noise environments where one needs to hear speakers’ voices clearly, such as classrooms or meetings. VoiceLink is a microphone that streams amplified audio directly to Signia Silk primax aids.


For those who do not use smartphones, Signia offers two remote control options which are discreet and simple to use. The easyPocket remote control offers large buttons and easy-to-read display, making it easy for wearers to control their listening experience. The miniPocket is small enough to fit on a key ring, but allows wearers control over essential features of the Signia Silk.

Signia: Company Overview

Signia is the newest brand from Sivantos Group, the parent company to many leading hearing aid manufacturers, most notably, Siemens. Sivantos Group says, “With Signia, we want to create a brand that is more human and personal, while building on the Siemens values of technological innovation and quality.” Signia builds upon the successes of platforms introduced by Siemens, such as micon and binax, both of which provide hearing aid wearers with ease and clarity.

Influenced by the binax platform (which is the world’s first to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations), the Signia primax platform has been proven in independent studies to reduce listening effort throughout the day. Launched in 2015, Signia is off to a great start, as the most advanced brand to date from Sivantos Group.

Are you interested in upgrading, or are you in the market for your first pair of hearing aids? Signia Silk is an excellent option for both seasoned and new wearers. Contact us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids to give them a try today.