The Latest from Sivantos – The Primax

The Signia Primax is the latest addition to a line of premium hearing aids from Sivantos. While the company made breakthroughs with their Micon and Binax aides, the Signia Primax is like no other aid on the market. The Primax uses advanced technology that is clinically proven to reduce listening effort in diverse environments, allowing you to focus on what’s important – enjoying your life. Whether engaging in dialogue in a busy office or attempting to hear a phone conversation with a broken connection, listening can take concentration and can be extremely tiring, especially after a long day of straining to hear. With Primax’s SpeechMaster technology, this effort is virtually eliminated by targeting the dominant speaker and tuning out annoying background noise.

How it Works


The Primax uses three key technologies simultaneously: noise reduction, directionality and steering amplification. This revolutionary combination of technologies is called SpeechMaster. SpeechMaster is a collection of algorithms that work in harmony to quickly and effortlessly recognize the dominant speaker and amplify them, while reducing annoying and distracting background noises. Thus reducing listening effort extended by the wearer. The algorithms automatically work differently in different situations, ensuring your hearing is effortless, no matter where your day takes you.


There are many environments such as hallways, large rooms and places of worship that harbor annoying reverberation and echo. Traditionally, these reverberations enter the listener’s hearing aids at different intervals, thus creating difficult to distinguish sounds, causing more listening effort. With Primax’s EchoShield, these sounds are softened and reduced, allowing you to concentrate only on the sounds you want to hear.

Clinically Proven

Up until now, listening effort has been measured by subjective means such as questionnaires and surveys. A new study took the guessing out of the game, by collecting electroencephalogram (EEG) brain waves to determine listening effort in wearers while completing listening tasks. There was a significant reduction in listening effort when SpeechMaster and EchoShield features were turned on versus off. No more subjective measures – the Primax is now clinically proven to make listening easier.

It’s Not All Talk – Music Lovers Rejoice

Most music lovers enjoy listening in more than one environment. Primax makes enjoying music effortless, by creating a setting for any environment. Heading to the local ballet or concert? Just switch to the “Live Music” setting and enjoy every note as it was meant to be heard. Winding down at the end of the day with your favorite jam? The “Recorded Music” setting is perfect to help you relax. Are you a musician yourself? There is even a “Musician” setting, made especially for the times you are creating the music people want to enjoy.

Phone Calls Perfected

For users with BlueTooth enabled SmartPhones, EasyTek is an easily operated app that seamlessly transmits calls directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to fully focus on your conversation. No SmartPhone? No problem. Primax hearing aids are easily connected to any type of phone with their TwinPhone technology. No wireless connection necessary. This technology uses a magnet to connect your landline or non-BlueTooth enabled cell phone directly to your hearing aids.

It’s Not a One-Sided Issue

Whether your one sided hearing loss is due to one sided deafness or unaidable hearing loss in one ear, Primax has a solution for you. Primax seamlessly transmits sounds to your dominant ear, allowing the same effortless hearing as those with dual sided hearing loss.

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