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Cellion – Breakthrough Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Though rechargeable hearing aid batteries have been around for decades, there hasn’t been anything like the battery technology in Signia’s new Cellion primax hearing aid.

Cellion primax is a rechargeable hearing aid that uses lithium-ion batteries as its energy source. Cellion’s batteries have a long lifespan, which means – unlike other rechargeable batteries – they do not need to be changed for a few years. Most hearing aids last an average of five to seven years, and with Cellion, if the battery dies within this lifetime, your hearing specialist at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids will replace them for you.

This eliminates the frustrating experience of changing batteries weekly, and struggling with small hearing aid components. This is also convenient for your wallet, and the lack of battery waste is eco-friendly!

Signia Cellion primax was named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Cellion primax Charging Technology

Cellion uses a new contactless induction charging technology, which means aids do not have be placed in a specific position in order to be charged (unlike other rechargeable hearing aids). On a full charge, Cellion provides wearers with 24 hours of listening. A full charge only requires four hours of charging time. For people who are on the move, a quick 30-minute charge will provide Cellion wearers with seven hours of listening time.

Signia also offers a traveling charging unit for the Cellion, a standard micro-USB interface that allows users to charge their hearing aids with any USB-compatible power source (laptop, car adaptors, and power packs). This is particularly convenient for frequent travelers and people on the move.
Overall Cellion’s charging system and lithium-ion battery provides 60% more energy than competing rechargeable hearing options.

Signia hearing aids - AZ Balance and Hearing Aids

Cellion primax Features

Cellion is a wireless, receiver-in-canal hearing aid, with many different options for customizable earmolds. Cellion primax addresses various degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound. With a trusty OneShell design, Cellion keeps out debris, moisture, and other elements that may interfere with its electronical components.

Cellion hearing aids are a part of Signia’s primax family, which means they provide some of the most advanced listening features available in the industry. Signia primax hearing aids have been proven in independent clinical trials to reduce listening effort for wearers throughout the day, mainly through two features: SpeechMaster and EchoShield.


SpeechMaster monitors the environment you find yourself in, focusing on conversations you’re having and speakers’ voices in front of you. At the same time, SpeechMaster is an automatic program that reduces background noise in your environment, making your conversations easier to hear, with less distraction. This provides an ease of listening, reducing strain in your interactions.


EchoShield addresses the other sounds of your environment, such as those you may encounter in acoustically challenging spaces. We’ve all be in spaces such as houses of worship, atriums, and auditoriums, where echo and reverberation could interfere with the conversations and sounds we want to hear. EchoShield is an automatic program that steps in to soften and balance the sharp sounds of reverb in these spaces, providing Cellion wearers with a comfortable and natural listening experience.

Cellion primax Wireless Streaming

Cellion primax is a wireless hearing aid, which means that it has Bluetooth connection capabilities. With the easyTek device, Cellion wearers may turn their hearing aids into stereo headsets, allowing for the streaming of phone calls, music, and other media directly to your ears. Through easyTek, a simple and discreet device worn around your neck, you may make adjustments and controls to your Cellion aids with a simple multi-function button.

Volume control and feature adjustments are no longer a challenge; simply click on your easyTek to move between programs and to raise or lower volume. With Bluetooth capability, easyTek also allows you to connect wirelessly to your various electronic devices, from your laptop to your tablets to your smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc).

Additionally, easyTek is compatible with a number of useful Signia accessories, designed to improve different aspects of our lives. The TV Transmitter connects to your Cellion aids with easyTek, allowing you to stream audio from your TV directly to your ears. VoiceLink, another Signia accessory, is a wireless microphone system in which you place the device near speech sounds you want to hear. An amplified stream of speech will make its way to your Cellion aids, providing clearer access to conversations. VoiceLink is especially useful for students in classrooms and people in large meetings.


Signia also offers two remote controls for people who prefer to control their aids without smartphone connection. The easyPocket and miniPocket both are easy to use remotes that allow wearers to adjust program features and volume levels. The touchControl app, downloadable to your smartphones, allows for volume, base, and treble adjustment, as well as changing between hearing programs.

Signia: Company Overview

Signia is the newest brand from Sivantos Group, the parent company to many leading hearing aid manufacturers, most notably, Siemens. Sivantos Group says, “With Signia, we want to create a brand that is more human and personal, while building on the Siemens values of technological innovation and quality.” Signia builds upon the successes of platforms introduced by Siemens, such as micon and binax, both of which provide hearing aid wearers with ease and clarity.

Influenced by the binax platform (which is the world’s first to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations), the Signia primax platform has been proven in independent studies to reduce listening effort throughout the day. Launched in 2015, Signia is off to a great start, as the most advanced brand to date from Sivantos Group.

Looking to upgrade, and to get rid of batteries in your life? Give Cellion a try. Contact us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids today.