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Siemens Hearing Aids in Phoenix, AZ

History of Innovation

Now 130 years old, Siemens was founded in Berlin and claims the title as the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturer. Siemens began as a producer of telegraphic instruments and transitioned into the hearing business following the invention of the telephone. In the late 19th century, Siemens honed their industry of producing high-quality sound equipment and began their first production of hearing aids in 1913. From these humble beginnings, Siemens blossomed into a foremost innovator of hearing instruments. In recent years, Siemens has successfully created the world’s first fully waterproof digital hearing aid, as well as the extraordinary binax hearing aid, which outperforms normal hearing.

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About Siemens Hearing Aids

Outperform Normal Hearing

Based on two independent studies from the University of Northern Colorado and the Hearing Center of the University of Oldenburg, the Siemens binax hearing had has been proven to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations. Test results show that people who were hard of hearing and wore Siemens binax hearing aids in challenging noise situations could hear better and more accurately than their counterparts with normal hearing in both studies. Siemens binax hearing aids offer this advanced listening experience due to the development of a series of digital features.

Natural Binaural Hearing Experience

Siemens offers e2e wireless technology which simulates a natural, binaural hearing experience for wearers. With four microphones strategically placed on each hearing aid, the wireless connection forms an eight-microphone network that receives a full spectrum of sound in the wearer’s environment. This comprehensive listening experience provides wearers with access to sounds up close as well as sounds in the distance, to better situate them within their surroundings. The Siemens binax is also equipped with high definition sound resolution (HDSR), which further enhances the clarity of sound.

Latest Innovations

Siemens hearing aids are designed with the latest technological advancements, winning the 2015 Gold Edison Award for the binax hearing aid. Following recent digital trends, Siemens hearing aids are compatible with personal electronic devices, giving wearers a range of access to music, media, and phone conversations. With the ability to link up wireless to a smart phone, Siemens hearing aids are controlled by the easyTek app, which allows wearers to focus on specific sounds, make adjustments discreetly, utilize the phone’s microphone to amplify voices in conversations, and stream sounds directly to their hearing aids.

Styles and Features

Siemens offer a wide range of styles and features for their hearing aids, to treat degrees of hearing loss from mild to profound. For receiver-in-canal styles, Siemens hearing aid models include: Ace, Pure, Carat, and Orion 2. As for behind-the-ear hearing aids, models include the entirely waterproof and dustproof Aquaris, as well as others such as Motion, Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 2, and Lotus. Siemens in-the-ear models are Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 2, and Lotus. Fully customizable, with a host of program features, Siemens hearing aids all offer fast processing and wireless capabilities, as well as a comfortable, sleek, discreet design. Certain hearing aids offer tinnitus treatment in the form of sound therapy, as well as compatibility with assistive listening devices.

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