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Danish Innovation with Global Hearing Solutions

Founded in 1943, GN ReSound is a Danish manufacturer that continues to pave the way for innovative hearing technology. ReSound is committed to helping people rediscover hearing in their lives. For the past few decades, ReSound has challenged and reshaped the face of hearing technology, with their Wide Dynamic Range Compression sound processing system as well as Digital Feedback Suppression, which eliminates the whistling and buzzing of hearing aid feedback. In September 2014, ReSound introduced the LiNX hearing aid, which was the first Made for iPhone hearing aid. This year saw the LiNX2, an updated version.

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The LiNX2 Hearing Aid – Made for iPhone Technology

made for iphone hearing aids linx haloInspired by natural binaural hearing, the LiNX2 simulates the experience of two ears working in conjunction with each other to pick up a full spectrum of sound from the wearer’s environment. The Spatial Sense and the Binaural Directionality II features facilitate this process. With a fast processing system, clearer sound is sent faster to the brain to be processed. With ReSound’s Surround Sound feature, the LiNX2 gives wearers better sound quality in challenging noise environments, such as conversations in busy restaurants. Speech recognition is improved as well on the LiNX2, as well as improved wireless connectivity.

LiNX2 wearers have the option to connect to their iPhones and other personal electronic devices, which allows them to stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, and media directly to the hearing aid. The LiNX2 also offers a geo-tagging feature, which stores wearer preferences in different locations and automatically adjusts to those saved settings when the wearer returns. This offers wearers a comfortable and seamless listening experience.

Additionally, if wearers need extra amplification, they may use their iPhone as an assistive listening device with the Live Listen feature. The iPhone’s microphone amplifies the sounds wearers want to hear and delivers the sound directly to the hearing aid. With the ReSound Smart App, wearers may control their hearing aid volume and preferences with ease from their

The Enzo2 Hearing Aid

The ENZO2 is designed specifically to treat severe to profound hearing loss. As a super power hearing aid, the ENZO2 boasts much of the same features of the LiNX2, such as powerful Binaural Directionality II, Spatial Sense, and Surround Sound. Additionally, it connects to the iPhone as well as other personal electronic devices, giving wearers ease of access to program features and volume control, as well as the ReSound Smart App. On the app, wearers may control the speech focus function, comfort in wind, and comfort in noise for a personalized listening experience.

Styles and Other Features

Both the LiNX2 and ENZO2 are equipped with tinnitus therapies. The LiNX2 comes in a wide range of styles, from completely-in-canal to invisible-in-canal, to receiver-in-canal to in-the-ear, and behind-the ear. Meanwhile, the ENZO2 is available to wear behind-the-ear. Both models are sleek, discreet, and easy to operate. These two styles are available to veterans with their benefits from the Veterans Administration.

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