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Phonak Hearing Aids in Phoenix, AZ

Phonak: Company Overview

Founded nearly 70 years ago in Switzerland, Phonak is a global manufacturer of hearing aids, committed to connecting people to their loved ones and the things they are passionate about by restoring their hearing. In the last decade, Phonak launched the Hear the World initiative to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. In 2007, Phonak introduced the Naida, the first line of hearing aids for severe hearing loss, and in 2010, the Spice Generation microchip technology with an extraordinarily fast processing speed. In the past few years, Phonak has continued to produce innovative technology, with the StereoZoom, wireless technology, and a line of pediatric hearing aids.

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About Phonak Hearing Aids

Lyric: 24/7 Wear

Phonak’s Lyric hearing aid can be referred to as the “contact lens” of hearing aids. The Lyric is an invisible hearing aid that is worn deep in the canal of the ear, near the eardrum, where it remains for up to three months without removal. The Lyric restores hearing in a natural way and provides wearers with a seamless listening experience. With the Lyric, wearers may even forget they have a hearing aid, as they can sleep, shower, swim, and pursue any other activity as they normally would without having to worry about the state of their hearing aid. This hassle-free hearing aid needs to be replaced when the battery dies; your audiologist will replace the Lyric with a new one. The procedure to place the hearing aid is painless.

Audeo V, Virto V, Bolero V Hearing Aids

The Phonak Audeo, Virto and Bolero V hearing aids are available in different power levels to reflect the degree of hearing loss. All three are equipped with Phonak’s improved Venture sound processing platform.

All three treat mild to profound hearing loss (depending on the model) and are available to be worn different styles. All three are equipped to automatically select the best possible settings to maximize hearing performance in the wearer’s listening environment, enhance speech understanding with excellent performance in noisy situations, improve music listening experiences, and assist wearers with better listening in cars.

The Audeo V is worn in the receiver-in-canal style, the Bolero V is worn behind-the-ear, and the Virto V comes in a range of customizable in-the-ear styles.

Phonak CROS II

The CROS II hearing aid is designed specifically for people who experience single-sided hearing loss. It works in conjunction with your good ear to help you hear in noisy situations. CROS stands for “Contralateral Routing of Signal” which consists of a microphone to pick up sounds and voices from the non-hearing ear and wirelessly transmit them to the hearing aid, which receives the signal and play sit to your good ear. The CROS II is easy to operate, with a simple switch-on button. The Phonak Roger model is designed for children with single-sided hearing loss.

Additional Features

Phonak offers a line of pediatric hearing aids, SkyQ, in a range of designs and styles to treat different degrees of hearing loss in toddlers, children, and teenagers. They are sturdily designed to withstand water, sweat, and dust for the active lifestyles of children. The Roger Focus system assists school-aged children with focusing in the classroom, while Soundfield technology provides amplification assistance for students in academic settings. Phonak also offers tinnitus solutions in their hearing aids.

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