Experiencing Sound with Opn™

Have you been reluctant to give hearing aids a try? Weary of the artificial listening experience? Perhaps you have been waiting for new technology advancements to meet the hearing needs of your daily life. The wait is now over, as Oticon releases Opn™, boasting some of the most cutting-edge hearing aid technology available.

Natural Experience

Oticon Opn™ is engineered to meet the needs of people who desire a richer and more natural sound experience. Opn™ is supported by Oticon’s BrainHearing™ audiological approach, and is designed to better support how the brain processes sound. It is unlike traditional hearing aids, which create an artificial listening experience and deprive the brain of the context required to make sense of sound. Opn™ allows the brain to follow and process multiple sound sources in noisy environments, such as restaurants.

Cognitive Benefits

Based on preliminary data, Oticon’s Opn™ hearing aid provides a meaningful listening experience and significant cognitive benefits. It boasts 20% less listening effort. This reduces the work the brain must do in noisy environments. Opn™ also offers patients 20% more capacity to remember. As it frees up mental resources, users are able to recall more when they are faced with a noisy environment. Additionally, patients find 30% better speech understanding, even in the noisiest environments. BrainHearing™ technologies reduce cognitive stress, and free the brain to focus on other critical tasks. This helps users to experience less mental fatigue, more energy, sharper focus, better speech recall, and less social isolation.

Advanced Technology

Oticon Opn™ offers advanced performance, driven by cutting-edge technologies. Opn™ boasts the speedy and precise Velox processing platform. Velox supports how the brain makes sense of sound. This support allows listeners to focus on what is important to them with less effort. OpenSound Navigator™ scans the environment more than 100 times per second, removing noise and balancing sounds. Opn™ also offers Spatial Sound™ LX, which accurately determines sounds with 200% binaural processing. This helps listeners make sense of their surroundings more easily. The world’s first dual wireless communication system, TwinLink™, powers connectivity and binaural processing at the same time, allowing for a fuller sound experience and faster connections than previously available.

Opn™ is the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid. The connection to the cloud allows the possibility of your hearing aid notifying your when someone is at your door or when an email is delivered to your inbox. Opn™ can be connected to your smartphone, kitchen appliances, and security system. It is also able to sync to a television or radio, and even to your car. A world of possibilities have been opened with Oticon Opn™.

What’s Right for You?

The superior performance of Oticon Opn™ will be available late April to early May 2016. If you are interested in learning more about this leading technology, and how it will be able to improve your quality of life, contact us at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids for more information.

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