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Oticon Hearing Aids in Phoenix, AZ

About Oticon

Founded in 1904 in Denmark, Oticon is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids with over a century of experience. In line with their mission “People first,” Oticon utilizes test panels, end-user visits, in-depth interviews and focus groups to develop their products. In conjunction with their research facility Eriksholm Research Centre, Oticon has developed innovative products through the years: DigiFocus, the world’s first fully digital hearing device; MultiFocus, the world’s first fully automatic hearing device; Adapto, the world’s first artificial intelligence-equipped hearing aid; and lately, the Alta, Oticon’s most sophisticated hearing solution to date.

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About Oticon Hearing Aids

BrainHearing Technology

At the heart of Oticon hearing aids is BrainHearing, a new technology that assists the brain in hearing. Based on the science that your brain hears – not your ears – Oticon’s BrainHearing technology consists of four main features to provide a clearer signal to the brain to process as sound, help wearers organize sounds and orient themselves in their surroundings, to better understand speech, and to hear better in challenging noise environments.

Spatial Sound and Free Focus allow wearers to locate sources of sound and zoom in on what they want to hear. These two features support the brain’s natural ability to sense where sounds come from and in turn, determine where wearers want to focus their attention.

Speech Guard E provides wearers with improved speech recognition, even in noisy environments and in difficult listening situations, such as cross conversation with multiple speakers. The YouMatic feature allows wearers to personalize their hearing aids to their specific needs.

Wireless Connectivity

Oticon hearing aids are powered with the Inium Platform and provide wireless connectivity to telephones, TVs and remote microphones. With the ConnectLine wireless system, wearers are able to stream mobile phone calls directly to their Oticon hearing aids, as well as video chats, music, and media. Inium Sense provides feedback management to eliminate whistling and buzzing.  Oticon hearing aids are powered with long-battery life.

Styles and Features

Oticon’s best-selling and most sophisticated hearing aid is the Alta2, which provides everything BrainHearing technology has to offer, with superb speech protection technology and the new feature, Soft Speech Booster, which makes it easier to engage in quiet, private conversations. The Ria2 and Nera2 hearing aids also provide some elements of BrainHearing technology. For severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon offers the Sumo and Dynamo hearing aids, both of which provide powerful features such as Dynamo’s SpeechRescue, which makes high frequency sounds audible and Sumo’s low-frequency sound amplification. Oticon hearing aids are equipped with telecoils and also offer tinnitus therapy.

Oticon hearing aids are available in a range of styles and are fully customizable. All five families of hearing aids, Alta, Ria, Nera, Dynamo and Sumo, are available in variations of behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal. Regardless of the style, Oticon hearing aids are elegantly sleek and discreet, and may be controlled with a small remote control the size of a key. Oticon hearing aids are high-performing devices housed in a moisture-resistant shell which offers protection in different environments and inclement weather. Pediatric hearing solutions are also available.

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