Hearing Aid Batteries in Phoenix

Hearing aid users all have one thing in common: the need for batteries to power their indispensable units. Hearing aid battery options are nearly as varied as hearing aids themselves. The many choices often leave consumers wondering what style of batteries are best. Here we discuss your different options for hearing aid batteries in 2016.

Traditional Hearing Aid Batteries

traditional hearing aid batteriesThe most common hearing aid battery available is the zinc-air button battery. This mercury-free, air-activated battery is inactive until the factory seal is removed by the consumer. The average lifespan can range from just 3 days to about 2 weeks, depending on the size required by your specific hearing aid. Traditional hearing aids can be burdensome. Users must remember to keep a supply on hand at all times, be subject to the battery dying at inconvenient times, and constantly face the challenge of inserting minuscule batteries into their hearing aids.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

The benefits of rechargeable hearing aid batteries

zpower hearing aid battery chargerRechargeable batteries provide another option to consumers. There are many benefits to switching from traditional hearing aid batteries to a rechargeable option. With new technology including wireless connectivity between hearing aids and other devices, the lifespan of a traditional battery is reduced greatly. Rechargeable batteries give the convenience of all day use and easily recharging at night.

In addition to added convenience, the environmental benefits are significant. Each year approximately 1.4 billion disposable hearing aid batteries are thrown away, adding to our landfills. If you consider the battery and packaging, this accounts for over 3 million pounds of waste every year. Rechargeable options allow you to use the same battery for a year before needing a replacement. Reducing waste, saving money, and adding convenience are all important considerations when choosing to switch from traditional to rechargeable batteries.

zPower Battery System

Do you dream of never fumbling with tiny hearing aid batteries again? Thanks to an amazing, new rechargeable solution, that can be your new reality. ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids allows users to have confidence in their hearing aid battery to maintain power all day long. No more embarrassing moments when your traditional battery dies in the middle of an important conversation. They are replaced only once a year by your hearing healthcare professional, so you will never need to fiddle with your battery again.

This ingenious new system works with a handy charging station. Your hearing aid provider will replace original battery door with the ZPower battery door and insert the ZPower rechargeable battery. Simply place your hearing aids in the charging unit while you sleep, and they will be ready and fully charged within 2-4 hours. ZPower is compatible with most advanced hearing aids, and replaces approximately 100 traditional hearing aid batteries.

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