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Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

Hearing aids have the ability to change our lives for the better. Our relationships improve, we’re able to enjoy our hobbies more easily and we reconnect with the world around us. To say the least, a hearing aid might be the best thing you can do for your health and happiness as you age.

But even beyond a hearing aid, there’s more to know about solutions to hearing loss. Hearing aids are often just the first step toward better hearing – the right accessories can make all the difference in your hearing experience.

After finding the right hearing aid, the next step is to find the right aid accessories. Depending on your budget and your lifestyle, these three clever accessories could be the perfect hearing addition for you.


Hearing Aid Bluetooth Wireless Transmitters


Believe it or not, we’re even more connected to our devices than most of us even know. Technology advances every single day, and with each new advancement are new ways to stay connected with our phones, televisions, radios and tablets. Unsurprisingly, hearing aids aren’t far behind, with opportunities to connect with our devices included in many aids.

Depending on your hearing aid, you can easily connect to your phone and other devices via a Bluetooth transmitter. For an aid wearer, that means getting to bypass listening to sound through a speaker, and instead streaming that sound directly to your aid. This is done using an external transmitter that does the work for you – and with a few clicks of a button, you can take phone calls or listen to the television more easily and with more sound clarity.

These are great accessories for those that use their phones, tablets and other ‘smart’ technology on a regular basis.


Rechargeable Batteries and Charging Docks

 No one likes finding themselves with a dead battery at an unexpected moment. There are few experiences more frustrating than finding your car battery, phone battery or e-reader battery dead without a replacement or a place to charge them. So imagine how frustrating it can be for hearing aid wearers to find their hearing aid battery dead while out and about – and having no replacement batteries on hand!

This is more common than you think, since carrying around replacement batteries is not exactly commonplace. That’s where smartphones and aids are different – one can easily be charged while the other needs a replacement battery. However, certain hearing aids make it even easier with rechargeable batteries and charging docks.

That means you can easily charge your hearing aid batteries alongside your phone at night, on your bedside table. Depending on the aid, these charges can last up to 12 hours, which means you’re unlikely to find yourself without an operating hearing aid during the day. Plus, that means you won’t need to fumble with small hearing aid batteries either!


Hearing Aid Remote Controls

Call it lazy, but hardly any of us want to get up and walk across the room to change the channel or adjust the volume on our televisions. The same goes for our radios – and the reason we can stay seated while changing settings on our TVs and radios is thanks to the remote control.

For hearing aids, settings are often adjusted directly on the aid or automatically adjust. For many aid wearers, they’d prefer more direct and easy-to-see control at their fingertips. Certain hearing aids have remote controls (or even connect to remote control apps for smartphones) so that a wearer can have more control over basic settings like volume or sound environment settings.

For those that want control at their fingertips, a remote control can be a great accessory!


Of course, it’s always best to make decisions about your hearing needs with the help of a hearing professional. Contact our hearing experts to talk about your specific hearing needs and how to meet them. We’re ready to make your hearing experience the best that it can be!



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