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Most people go to the movies without ever considering what would happen if they were not able to listen to the movie. Sadly, this is the case for thousands of people around the world who suffer from various forms of hearing loss. These individuals must wait until the film comes out on DVD in order to have a good idea what the story is about. Fortunately, there has been new closed–captioning glasses released that will help these people enjoy movies while they are still in the theater.

Comfortable Design

These closed-captioning Access Glasses are made so that they will fit around the majority of people’s heads comfortably. They can also be worn over prescription glasses without any drawbacks. The glasses resemble a pair of sunglasses with the detectors on both sides of the rims which pick up the close captioning signals. They are very lightweight, and will not cause fatigue when worn for hours at a time.

Where Can You Find Them?

Currently, these glasses can be found at 6,000 different screens as a part of Regal Cinema’s promotion period. There is no news on how long the test phase will last and whether it will result in more widespread usage, but most people are convinced that the future of these glasses is dependent on the crowds they draw.

Conceptual Fixtures

These Access Glasses were developed by Sony Entertainment in partnership with Regal Cinemas. They have been the dream project of Randy Smith, a chief administrative officer who has a son that is hearing impaired. After years of testing other glasses, he remains optimistic that these will be the future of closed captioning in movie theaters.

The Way They Work

Each pair of access glasses has many features that make them incredible for people who suffer for hearing loss. The glasses can be adjusted to help you see the captions from just about any point within the theater, though most people have noted that the best captions come when you are in the middle.

After the customer service individual adjusts the glasses to fit your needs, the projection device sends out a signal that will generate the captions in your visual field. This will allow you to see the captions projected about ten feet in front of your eyes. This will allow you to comfortably view the movie while reading the captions. For people who suffer from hearing loss, this is a great step forward in enjoying films with as few problems as possible.