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A Combined 73+ Years of Trusted Care

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Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids Reviews

Enjoy the Sounds of Life at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids

With over 100,000 patients helped since 1985, we have received numerous Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids reviews praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctors, and state-of-the-art hearing and balance rehabilitation. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences with our expert audiologists.

“I visited this office first to have my hearing aid repaired. My experience was so positive that I decided to have a follow up visit for a hearing test and investigate the newest technology in hearing aids.

The experience of that visit was incredible.

I spent over two hours in that office, had the most comprehensive examination by Dr Russel, consultation with Dr Day, and a detailed explanation of procedures and options by Lindsey.

After wearing hearing aids fog over forty years, dealing with audiologists for many decades, findingABHA and my experience there was an incredible blessing.

They deserve all the accolades and my recommendation.”

Gabor Vajda DVMLewis A. Wilson five star review

“I want to say that I am glad that I kept this appointment with ABHA. Dr Schmidt and her intern were knowledgeable, thorough and patient. This is no small thing to me as the intractable tinnitus situation has made life very difficult for me. If I seemed to over talk a bit I apologize, I suppose that living alone with this wretchedness has been more difficult than I thought. Thanks again.” 

Lewis A. WilsonLewis A. Wilson five star review

“As always, I received the best customer service from ABHA.” 

Jan Pencejerold mackenzie five star review

“I found ABHA after visiting countless doctors trying to get to the bottom of my dizziness/vertigo issues. I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever find an answer. My mother invited me to a seminar they held and after hearing Dr. Lambert speak I made an appointment. After only a couple of sessions with her, I noticed a real measurable difference. On my last appt. with her I had tears in my eyes, thanking her for giving me my life and confidence back. I can’t say enough good things about their friendly, caring and understanding staff. They were the first medical professionals that I feel took my symptoms seriously and were determined to figure it out. I highly recommend their service. Five stars all the way!”

Diana Heilmanjerold mackenzie five star review

Dr. Lewis,

I expressed my appreciation for ABHA and specifically, your care for my hearing via ABHA email after I met with you, at which time you determined to submit my hearing aid to be restored.  Now that I’ve had it working well in every way for days, I want to express my experience.  

A few months ago, I thought some batteries were not good.  Now I think the wire in my hearing aid may not have been locked in, thus the lack of effectiveness.  Then when I “struck” it washing my hair, the wire pulled out.  Perhaps it was not the half-dozen batteries I had discarded during the time.  Now I am enjoying the fullness of my hearing aid.  The multi-mic and my hearing aid are still paired and I am aware once again of what my hearing aid provides for me.  It had just “gone AWOL” for a few months.

Thank you for your professional skill and accompanying care as well as the hospitality of your staff and office.

Dick Sjerold mackenzie five star review

Dear Dr. Lewis:

I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful service you gave me in connection with my hearing aids.  I think they are just fine now and I hope they continue to be.

Also, I want to extend my wishes for a very wonderful holiday and a very good year ahead.  Healthy & Happy.

Please give my thanks and appreciation and best wishes to Miller, who is a real treasure in your office (and elsewhere, I am sure).


Bea M.jerold mackenzie five star review

Dear Dana Day:

Thank you for seeing me August 6, 2018 and performing a sound field audiologic test. As a result I was able to pass the hearing requirements for a TS0 position with the TSA. I am currently waiting for an employment offer.

Tomorrow I will see my local audiologist and will share your feedback with her.

You and your office are very professional and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the greater Phoenix area.


Jerold Mackenziejerold mackenzie five star review


Your attention and concern for my wellbeing is such a nice thing-
I appreciate you!

Warm Regards,

Al Davidal david five star review

Dr. Lewis’ people skills are phenomenal, and he really knows his stuff. He took the time to make sure I understood everything. I recommend anyone with hearing concerns see him; it will be worth their time.

Wesley Barnettwesley barnett five star review

“They are so good. Very interested in getting you comfortable with your new aids. They really want you to be happy with your new hearing device.”

Myrna D. of Phoenix, AZmyrna five star review

“One of the most pleasing interactions with a medical office. Great office staff. Online registration was the best. No more paper forms to fill out. And finally Dr. Lewis did a very thorough job of evaluating my hearing. I have an interesting but difficult problem and he came up with a wide range of plans and ideas. Thanks for making this whole process wonderful.”

Harry M. of Tempe, AZharry five star review

“40 years of progressive severe hearing loss from debilitating Meniere’s Disease has been challenging. AZBH has “partnered” with me all along and made my frustrations bearable. I am working now with Dr. Marvin Lewis on pragmatic solutions to optimize my life as a listener and communicator. It’s more than the technology advances in Hearing Aids (He’s introduced me to an “extender” that has really made a difference in my daily life.) It’s also a level of professionalism and caring that I’ve always appreciated with AZBH. ”

Charles D. of Phoenix, AZcharles five star review

“She was very clear on everything how she explained it, easy to work with.”

Peggy A. of Phoenix, AZpeggy five star review

“Every time I have come to this office, they have been very friendly and helpful!! I always leave satisfied with what they have done for me, and glad that I chose AZ B&HA!!”

Dan McLennandan mclennan five star review

“Dr Dana and the staff at ABHA have all been amazing. Dr Dana took so much time to teach me about the ear, listen to all my questions, and answer them so well. She’s been so patient and understanding, plus super knowledgeable. Seriously, she’s been one of the best doctor’s I’ve ever been to. The staff at the front is always so polite and friendly. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks ABHA!”

Rachel Mayrachel may five star review

“I’ve been working with AZ Balance now for 40 years of progressive hearing loss from bilateral relentless Meniere’s Disease. It has limited my life and career and has been challenging every single day.

I can’t say enough about how AZ Balance has partnered with me through all this…I am working now with Dr. Marvin Lewis on pragmatic approaches to be a better listener and communicator. An extended mic has particularly brought me to a new level of satisfaction. Dr. Lewis represents the professionalism, technical expertise and humanistic approach I have always experienced with AZBH…”

Charlie Daschbachcharlie daschbach five star review

“I have been working with ABHA for many years and I have never had any bad issues. They are always professional, provide the services that my ear specialist requires making it easier for my ear specialist to treat my meniere’s condition. I had an appointment this week and was very pleased with Dr. Marvin. I have recommend this facility and these services to fellow meniere’s patients for years and have always heard good reports. Thank you ABHA.”

Dale Cummins Workmandale cummins five star review

“Professional, honest, educational, and fun. I learned about different hearing issues and that diabetes affects hearing. I knew it could affect vision, but had no idea it could interfere with hearing as well. I was given an honest assessment of my hearing, as well as a plan for my future hearing health. I will recommend ABHA to my family and friends.”

Colette Averillcolette averill five star review

“Dr. Day is a great diagnostician. I have had “vertigo” – or balance problems 24/7 for five years. I have had a wide range of doctors, including two neurologists and many tests. No one has taken the time to listen to me, question me or test based on my symptoms, like Dr. Day. All I can say is thank you, thank you.”

Adrianne JT Anningadrianne jt anning five star review

“I had a great experience. I had my hearing tested and discovered enough hearing loss to benefit from hearing aids. The process was easy and now I hear much better. And the longer I wear them, the better it gets.”

Peter Andersonpeter anderson five star review

“I had no idea what to expect when I was sent to the AZ Balance & Hearing by my ENT Doctor. I suffer from falling and dizziness, and have for many years. It was a very comfortable, productive, and helpful facility. The entire facility was clean and bright and all the employees were friendly and helpful. My Doctor was Dana Day and I have nothing but praises for the manner in which she conducting the many tests and how calm she made me feel. She explained each test and what to expect. It helped quite a bit that she has a soothing voice. After the tests were completed, she explained the results along with the findings. She followed up with an email the same evening with a summary of her findings. I highly recommend ABHA. They are thorough, great at what the do, and in my case found what is causing my balance and dizziness problems.

I feel I must share the excellent experience I have had with Arizona Balance and Hearing!”

Vivian Hooper Jacksonvivian hooper jackson five star review

“First challenge, acknowledging I needed assistance to hear at my older age; secondly, where to obtain reputable assistance with the process of learning about hearing aids ( ear devices:); and thirdly, finding the best option at an affordable price……and that is not all…and lastly finding an audiologist with knowledge and patience to help in getting used to wearing them!”

Enter, Dr. Marvin Lewis and ABHA.
I am ever so grateful to have found you!”

Abby Guiverabby guiver five star review

“Excellent staff. Thoughtful, flexible, glad to offer detailed, insightful answers to whatever needs might arise with the experiences and transitions you are in the process of working out. They offer the best options possible, review your needs with care, and continue tailoring resources to your comfort and needs well after the initial adjustment period has passed.”

Christopher Benincasochristopher benincaso five star review

“Great staff and minimal wait time. The audiologist took great care to keep my 15 month old son engaged, so it made the appt relatively easy and stress-free. I would definitely recommend. They even send the results to you by email and give you phone reminders for the appt.”

Ashley Breedloveashley breedlove five star review

As one of the premier audiology practices in Phoenix, AZ, our team at Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids also provides 5-star-rated hearing and balance services to patients from North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Avondale, Glendale & Peoria, AZ, and surrounding areas.