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One of the facets of health that people often forget is that hearing is tied to the overall function of the body. As such, there have been many studies that have sought to link the certain body conditions with the ability to hear. One of the results found that there are certain unhealthy habits in which people participate that can cause long term harm to your hearing abilities. We will take a look at this specific habits and the damage that they can do to your health.

Smoking Cigarettes

One of the greatest unhealthy habits that harm people’s hearing is smoking. Aside from causing cancer as well as heart disease, smoking has a potent, negative effect on your hearing health. The chemicals that are released into the bloodstream can cause the dulling of receptors that are responsible for hearing low pitch sounds. This damage is acute and is only reversible in some cases.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Another one of the unhealthy habits that can harm you hearing is living a sedentary lifestyle. This is defined as eating food that has bad nutritional value and getting no meaningful exercise. This puts a person at a much higher risk for diabetes and heart disease, both of which can cause circulation problems. With poor circulation, the brain and ears can be deprived of oxygen and nutrients that are needed to maintain proper hearing.

Listening To Music On MP3

Everyone likes to use an MP3 player to get them through a boring walk or an exercise program. However, there are certain risks that are posed by using one of these devices. Primarily, the headphones that are coupled with these music players channel sound directly into the inner ear, where loud noises can cause damage. This often leads to chronic hearing problems and symptoms such as tinnitus.

Hearing Many Loud Noises

One of the other unhealthy habits that can lead to hearing loss is by exposing yourself to too many loud noises. This will happen throughout your everyday life, whether it is hearing a car start up or engines starting over and over. Over time, these noises can cause damage to the inner ear and affect your hearing in chronic, acute, but typically non-severe ways.

Failing To Visit Your Doctor

The most important thing that an adult can do is to make time to see their doctor for regular checkups. They will be able to track any changes in your hearing over time and then give you options for treatment if anything changes. You will also be able to get advice from them concerning ways to keep your body healthy as well.